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Cybersecurity attacks once considered extraordinary are now commonplace – and yet most enterprises are missing critical data to truly understand their cyber exposure. So how can you control and manage what you cannot see? Tenable’s cybersecurity database is used by the US military and powers the only platform that eliminates asset coverage blind spots. Predicative prioritisation software lets users know where they are exposed, and which vulnerabilities pose the greatest risk. The platform multiplies security effectiveness while reducing the required workload by 97%. However, despite being behind the highly respected Nessus security suite, Tenable lacked brand recognition – making it harder for the company to access C-suite IT executives with their offering.


We identified the most compelling aspects of Tenable’s sales proposition and invited the prospect to Take Control of IT security. When the pack was opened a personalised brochure explained Tenable’s superior platform and viewpoint. To reinforce the message and impact, we also sent prospects the remote control for a camera drone. This combination of a drone controller and high-quality brochure ensured cut through, while recipients only received the drone itself when they had their meeting with a Tenable representative.


x12 return on marketing investment • 1.6 million in pipeline sales

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