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b2b lead generation for tech firms

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We have a track record of winning these vendors and delivering the goods

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Tenable Case Study
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Citrix Case Study
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Microsoft Case Study
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A picture says a thousand words

*F$%& I'm Good Just Ask Me
My name is kerry wood and i head up spruiker. i am a creative director with a sterling track record in business development winning clients from the top end of town.

I’ll cut to the chase. I started and ran an agency 17 years, bringing into the business some of the best vendors in the world. I built the agency through cold calling and following up our direct mail pack. After selling the agency I launched Spruiker, a small agile team of ‘A’ grade telemarketers, copywriters and art directors. Together we are a F$%&!N force to be reckoned with.

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At the risk of sounding conceited

Very few agencies get B2B marketing and consultants do not execute campaigns. Even fewer specialise in lead generation for tech based companies. Spruiker works with Marketing and Sales to ensure your message is crystal clear, compelling and precisely targeted to the pain points of the audience. Add some humour and the results are outstanding. So when your agency thinks ‘B2B’ is code for a gay liaison, call us.

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Professional persuaders perfectly poised
Spruiker - Australian telemarketing agency and consultancy
Direct Marketing
Spruiker - Australian direct marketing agency and consultancy

Whether you need new business lead generation or demand generation within your channel we can knock it out of the ballpark.
We offer a 2 hour consultation at no cost (but full of obligation). To learn more about our approach and services contact us.

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