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Who is spruiker?

Businesses we've worked with
My name is kerry wood and i head up spruiker.
i am a creative director with a stellar track record
in business development. i founded an agency and won vendors such as citrix, hp, fuji xerox, garmin, trend micro, microsoft, lenovo and resmed.

After 17 years I sold the agency with 35 staff, 2 partners and blue chip clients.
We developed creative campaigns that increased engagement, bought in new leads for enterprise and drove sales for the business and channel.
And we had heaps of fun doing it with some of the best vendors in the world.
I even am prouder to say that our clients stayed with us for 10+ years.

*F%#A! I’m Good Just Ask Me

What is spruiker?

Are we an agency, are we consultants? The truth is we are both, and more.
If you are a technology based business we can help you acquire more customers. We work direct with marketers and closely with sales to ensure that their message is clear and compelling and targeted precisely to the pain points of the prospect.

Spruiker help clients get outstanding results through ensuring that the right message gets to the right person at the right time, our methodology is:
• Messaging
• Campaigns
• Sales Tools

So when your agency doesn’t get it, we are your go-to-peeps.

Why spruiker?

Track record of winning business and helping vendors win business.
Businesses we've worked with

experienced (s)talkers

Do we have hard core business development skills? Here are
the clients we have won through cold calling, direct marketing and stalking. Once on board we delivered creative
lead generation campaigns through to cold calling scripts.

database marketing

identify the right type of fish

Know who your best customers are

Know the industries they are in


creative development

find the perfect bait

We design & create artwork

We present product idea's & quote

You approve & project commences

return on investment

where to go fishing

You brief us, we scope & quote

We present creative & product ideas

You approve & project commences

When you need

Key Messaging Development
creative campaign development
staff training development

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spruiker. the musical.

our advice and wisdom will be music to your ears.

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Where is spruiker?


38 Albion St Annandale NSW 2038


0417 673 937